Program Levels:

  • LEVEL 1 - This level is perfect for those looking for a customized program that will need no adjustments per week. Adjustments to Program - None.  Communication - one phone call per month. Program Level 3 Pricing $125 setup, includes first month. Then $75 each additional month

  • LEVEL 2 - For those looking for a program that will need adjustments to a weekly program due to family work or other issues that will effect daily workouts. This program is for the athlete who is serious about their performance and is committed to a more structured training program. Adjustments to Program - One time per week via text or email. Communication - one phone call and limited text per week. Program Level 2 Pricing $200 setup, includes first month. Then $150 each additional month 

Our program

AG Coaching

Online Training Log

Program Includes:

  • Training plans designed with Periodization - base, build, and peak periods
  • Physiological Testing - time, heart rate, power, lactate threshold
  • Heart rate training - for base and aerobic training.
  • Strength training - improve power.
  • Recovery - recommended techniques and methods.
  • Feedback - on your training, recovery, and racing.
  • Your training plan in a private AG Coaching area of TrainingPeaks.com
  • Nightly emails of your next day's workout
  • Ability to edit or move each workout to ensure it fits your life
  • Ability to log workouts and chart progress
  • Color coded results quickly let you see how you are doing
  • Detailed daily instructions including heart rate, power, cadence and terrain
  • Summaries for hours trained, miles logged, resting pulse, body weight and more

Our program begins with the creation of an annual training plan, based on your goals and training time. Breaking the season into specific periods allows us to build your aerobic base, while also preparing you for greater intensity in following periods.